Incident Reporting Software

Incident reporting software is a great tool to report, investigate and record incidents, but when it comes to analysing incident trends it is vital that an organisation identifies what is most important to them and where they need to focus their resources to prevent incidents in their workplaces.

To get a realtime understanding of incident trends, organisations need a simple yet comprehensive snapshot of the incident data in visual format such as graphs or tables. Through incident reporting software, users can experience a consistant way of capturing incident information in order to drill down and see causal factors, spiking trends, and areas of concern. These visuals enable users to see exactly where things are starting to go wrong and can therefore focus their resources in that area to mitigate further incidents. This in turn reduces incidents, and helps the company comply with OHS legislation and international standards ISO45001.

Here is a short list of valuable incident statistics that every organisation should look at monitoring as part of their incident management process:

  • bodily injury hotspots
  • organisational incident hotspots based on locations, departments and job roles
  • incidents by type for the organisation
  • number of incidents by type per site or department
  • incidents by mechanism or cause
  • incidents by classification / severity rating
  • percent of opportunities for improvement; and/or
  • Lost time injury frequency rates (LTIFR)
  • Medical treatment injury frequency rates (MTIFR)
  • Restricted work injury frequency rates (RWIFR)
  • First aid injury frequency rates (FAIFR)
  • total number of incidents: 12 month rolling average vs previous 12 months
  • Actions status from incident investigations etc.

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