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Smart Solutions For Environment (QHSE) Management

Most organisations understand that they require policies and procedures that cover their quality, health, safety, and environment (QHSE) management objectives and processes. The challenge is making sure that everyone in your organisation reads and understands what the documents are for and how to implement them.

QHSE software systems are a great way to assist in the deployment and improvement of your QHSE systems, but what good is a software system if it isn’t tailored for the organisation’s specific requirements (e.g. ability to work offline, customisable fields, notifications and workflows, no need to lean on the developer for assistance or development requirements etc.).

Key Features
By utilising MiSAFE’s All-In-One QHSE software, your business will experience:

Multi-level Portals

Set the system up to where sites or departments have their own portal

Highly Configurable

MiSAFE designs and develops the software to match your QHSE Systems

Customised Workflows

Customise form workflows so users only see what they need to

MiSAFE Software

MiSAFE Solutions offers a unique All-In-One QHSE package that includes a suite of QHSE policies and procedures written specifically around ISO9001, ISO45001, and ISO14001 standards, but what good is a set of policies and procedures on its own? MiSAFE then

  • creates the documentation around the software used as a tool to implement the QHSE documents
  • provides a software platform where the documents are stored and made available to all the relevant stakeholders to the business. The software includes:
    • multiple portals for training & induction, QHSE documents, QHSE forms, registers etc.
    • the ability to create customised video and training content and questionnaires (MiSAFE even offers one brand customised induction video with voiceover to get things kicked off if you don’t have your own induction)
    • Customisable forms. Take5, plant and equipment pre-start, toolbox talk, incident and investigation, hazard forms are provided as a foundation. From there we develop your forms, checklists as you need.
    • An offline capable App that is free to all
    • Unlimited dashboards for KPI reporting
    • multiple user permission levels (i.e. basic to administrator)
  • offers its QHSE consulting services to support the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of your QHSE systems. This includes:
    • On-demand remote based QHSE consulting services (email, phone, SMS, conference calls)
    • QHSE document development, implementation and review
    • Risk assessment (e.g. SWMS), incident investigation, return to work
    • Software systems design, development, training and rollout.
Our Software


Customised design

MiSAFE customises the buttons in your app to engage workers visually

Customised Portals & Forms

Create portals for each devision in your business

Unlimited Dashboards

Create unlimited dashboard reports in the admin portal for KPI reporting

Verify Competency

Verify workers’ compliance information directly via the App

Document Storage

Store all types of documents within the system. Images, PDF, Docs, ZIP files etc. Set the folder structure how you want to.

Inductions & Training

Deliver and retrieve inductions & training information straight from users’ devices


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