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Managing contractors across a variety of jobs and locations can be enough to give anyone a headache if they have a manual system, but with a tailored contractor management software that’s specifically customisable to work exactly as your business does, it can be a breeze!

MiSAFE offer an intuitive and effective system that can allocate your contractors to particular jobs based on very specific parameters, ensuring your customers get qualified and experience help when and where they need it.

You can view a map of where your available contractors are based, and if they are on the paid system, our app will allow the system to locate them precisely, so you can easily allocate the closest suitable contractor for every job.

Contractors can also be rated on the high quality of their work, and if they are a high star rated contractor, they will be chosen for work first, over and above any lower rated contractors. That gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your customers are getting the best possible person for the job and also pushes your contractors to perform to a very high standard to attain the higher star ratings.

You can also prioritise your important clients on the system, so that any jobs they need will be allocated first over other customers, and they will also be allocated a high star rated contractor or contracting team to ensure complete customer satisfaction and retain them as a client.

With contractor maintenance software that takes a lot of the hard work away from your company, you’ll be more efficient, communicate better and jobs will be allocated and done more smoothly to the benefit of both you and your clients.

MiSAFE can look at your current systems and advise you on the type of system you need to implement to give you such a large business advantage over your competitors.

Contact us today for scalable, flexible and customisable software that’ll have you handling all your contractor jobs with ease.

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