Risk Management Software

If you’re tired of trying to manage your company’s risks from random spreadsheets, Word files and sheets of paper and want a smooth, integrated system that just does what you need it to do without any fuss, then look no further.

MiSAFE offers bespoke risk management software that’s completely tailored to your requirements and your budget.

We’ll assess your current project risk management software and systems and then conduct a (usually free) remote gap analysis via file sharing over the Cloud, or if you prefer, we can audit your systems in person for a small fee.

We’ll then provide you with a clear proposal showing how we’ll bring you the ideal risk assessment software and systems for your needs.

Clear tracking and reporting available on any device

We have multiple software programs that allow you to track and report incidents and manage your investigations, and every system can be customised perfectly to your risk assessment specifications, including workflows, calculations, notifications and more. You can add tasks and actions which then flow into a simple risk register, or even into a highly detailed report that includes graphs and visual prompters to provide high-level management with the information they need on the risks to their company in snapshot form.

And our systems can work on any device, including offline capable apps that allow workers to report incidents out in the field at any time.

There really are no limitations to the software that we provide, and whatever solution you need from basic risk assessment up to full enterprise risk management software, we can make that happen.

High engagement from your workforce

We fully project manage your software implementation from the process of writing management systems to deploying them in the field and testing them in the office, ensuring everything works as it should. And we also provide consulting to ensure that you get a high level of engagement with the new system from your staff.

Full compliance for peace of mind

Every system that we install complies with Australian legislation, including the WHS Act and Regs, Privacy Laws, and IRAP, and for our international clients, we will ensure your new system complies with your country’s specific regulatory requirements. We can even translate our systems into your language for much easier implementation and higher take-up of the software.

For flexible and scalable risk assessment software that increases company communications and productivity, with clear reporting and remote services to keep your costs low, talk to MiSAFE – you’re in safe hands.