Why your business needs workplace health and safety software

Workplace health and safety software could be that extra boost you need to skyrocket your business to greater heights of success. Using technology to keep on top of the rules and regulations that keep your employees safe can be an efficient and effective alternative to mounds of paperwork …read more.

OHS management software

Occupational Health and Safety is a vital part of any business, but managing all that individual and sensitive staff information in compliance with both standards and current legislation can be an uphill task without the right system in place. MiSAFE can help you with a completely new, bespoke …read more.

Contractor management software

Managing contractors across a variety of jobs and locations can be enough to give anyone a headache if they have a manual system, but with a tailored contractor management software that’s specifically customisable to work exactly as your business does, it can be a breeze! …read more.