Safety Management System Pack for Queensland Tradies

Are You:

  • A tradie or small construction company with less than 10 workers?
  • Performing construction work over the value of $3,300?
  • Required to have a QBCC license?
  • Need to have a Safety Management System in place to obtain your QBCC license?

It is common knowledge that contractors (tradies) require a Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) license to perform construction work over the value of $3,300. To obtain a QBCC license, contractors and tradies are now required to have a Safety Management System in place.

There are several websites that provide templated Contractor Safety Management Systems, but these documents usually need customisation by the contractor, are not user friendly, and are generally way over the top for small time contractors or sole operator tradies.

MiSAFE’s Safety Management System Pack for Qld Tradies is developed for small operations with less than 10 staff, and is simple, cost effective, and extremely easy to use. MiSAFE’s Safety Management System (SMS) Pack is written based on Australian legislative requirements, and the content is relevant and easy to follow for any contractor / tradie. Our SMS Pack provides a simple way for your clients to verify all your company’s compliance information all in one document. This includes verification of competencies, licences, insurances and more.

Key Features

MiSAFE’s Safety Management System Pack for Qld Tradies


Relevant to your operations





Easy to understand and follow



more work

Comply with Australian legislative requirements

Safe and effective business growth

What’s in the Safety Management System Pack for Queensland Tradies?

1 x Safety Management System document
MiSAFE’s consultants customise the document for you. (i.e. branding, scope of work, clients etc.) The document is developed to comply with Australian Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation and relevant standards. MiSAFE tailors the Safety Management System document to include details of your workers (for verification of competency), plant and equipment, chemicals used, a training register, and relevant insurances (WorkCover, Public Liability, Plant and Equipment etc.).
1 x Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ Template
MiSAFE’s SWMS template is comprehensive and editable to work for all types of high-risk activities performed for your clients. Our consultants will guide you on how to use the template.
A suite of safety registers in excel format as supporting attachments to your SMS
The Safety Management System will have the required register information in the main document, but we go that step further and offer advanced excel spreadsheets with dashboards if you like to play around with the data in your spare time. MiSAFE will provide the following excel spreadsheets along with your SMS to get you started. These spreadsheets are blank templates for you to do what you wish with them:

  • Training Register.
  • Plant & Equipment Register.
  • Hazardous Substances Register.
  • Risk Register.
Tender assistance / training on how to use the system if you need
MiSAFE’s consultant will provide you with a 30-minute consultation to help you understand how to use the document. If you’d rather put this time to winning more work, then allow us to help you win a big tender. We have an amazing strike record. When our clients win work because of what we did for them, then we celebrate.
Pricing For Safety Management System Pack

      All Inclusive Price

   $1,375 Including GST


These are the five simple steps in order for us to complete your new safety management system:


Sign Up:

Click on the sign-up button and pay.







Compliance Information:

Provide your compliance information to us using the checklist provided after signing up.




Your Dedicated Consultant:

One of our consultants will be allocated to your project and will be in touch to get the ball rolling with your new system.




Once completed, your consultant will send you with access to the finalised versions of your documents for final approval.




Training / Tender Assistance:

Once you have your new Safety Management System Pack, we will provide you with the training on how to use the pack or we will assist you in completing one important tender that you’d love to win.”



What if I don’t have all the required compliance documents and information to put in to the “Compliance Information Form”?
This doesn’t need to slow the job up. We can accept whatever you send to us, but it could slow the job down, or it could mean that we are providing an SMS Pack that is incomplete until the information is sent to us. MiSAFE’s consultants can’t spend countless hours following up on the information as you would understand, but we will do our absolute best to provide professional advice that will get you over the line with limited frustrations.
How much time is allocated to putting all of my Safety Management System Pack together?

MiSAFE’s consultants allow for up to 4hrs to develop and customise your documents. This doesn’t mean that as soon as you sign up you will receive your documents in 4hrs. We generally allow around 5 working days to complete the work as there may be a bit of communications back and forth between us to get all the documentation required.

How long does it usually take to provide training on how to use the SMS Pack?
30mins. We have developed the SMS to be super simple and relevant for tradies to understand and use time and time again.
How long does it usually take to complete the documentation required for a big tender that I want to win?
MiSAFE’s consultants are super-fast at completing tender documents whether on a word or excel document, or in a potential client’s contractor management software platform. The thing to remember is that we will provide all the health, safety, and environmental content written for small contracting businesses and sole traders. (less than 10 employees) As mentioned, we have an amazing track record with tenders.
What’s the difference between what I can get from a templated Safety Management System that I bought from a website online and what MiSAFE is offering in the Safety Management System Pack for Qld Tradies?
The difference is your SMS Pack will be completely customised. It’s written for your business and is not generic. It is also not long winded. You won’t receive a heap of documents, or an all in one document that you don’t know what to do with or is so over the top you get overwhelmed. Our SMS Pack is also tailored to be easy to use for the safety of your workers, and it helps you to win more work. Our goal is not to bog you down with endless paperwork. Our goal is to provide you with a truly relevant Safety Management System that keeps your business compliant, and your workers safe.