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Streamlining your project management is easy with a configurable, contractor project management system. Mitigating risk and ensuring compliance with your industry standards helps to ensure that projects run within the required time frames and budgets. Utilising completely online risk management systems reduces double handling and loss of information from using multiple programs. By locating all your Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management systems in one place and allowing online or offline access, you can ensure that all your stakeholders have access to the information in a timely and paperless manner.

Sourcing project management software to suit your individual business requirements is the speciality of MiSAFE. MiSAFE consults with your stakeholders to ensure that the software features that you require are comprehensively identified. We then help you integrate the system into your business, so that you see immediate benefits in the running and reporting for your project. MiSAFE will ensure that your selected software is right for your needs, help you to implement subcontractor management software in the field and test it in the office. You won’t be left in the dark with new processes or have unnecessary programs when you use MiSAFE to select your package.

MiSAFE offers remote consultation allowing you to integrate subcontractor project management software whilst delivering the greatest cost/benefit ratio. If your business needs a little more help with identifying and prioritising factors, we also deliver face-to-face risk management services for your convenience.

Quality assurance is guaranteed. MiSAFE understands the imperative to provide services compliant with industry standards as we ourselves comply with: AS/NZS4801; ISO45001; ISO9001; ISO14001; ISO27001; and OHSAS18001. The programs that we provide will comply with the regulatory requirements in your specific location, whether in Australia or overseas. Call us and get your projects running fluidly with the right project management equipment, chosen specifically by experts.

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