WHS Management System

WHS management systems are the cornerstone to any successful business. Ensuring that your workers and other persons are not put at risk from work carried out by your business is paramount and a legal requirement under Work Health and Safety, and Occupational Health and Safety legislation in Australia. Like any management systems your business operates under, WHS Management Systems are living policies and processes covering how you are managing your WHS duties

Whether you are a sole operator, or enterprise business, MiSAFE offers WHS Systems that are customised based on the scope of your operations, and scalable to make it easy to update your system accounting for future changes and growth.

As a Business Owner or Employer, what am I Legally Responsible for Under WHS Legislation?
Under Australia’s WHS legislation, business owners and employers are required to:

Provide information, instruction, training, and supervision to your workers to ensure they are safe.
Assess risks and implement appropriate measures to manage and control them.
Ensure that you have documented and implemented safe systems of work.
Ensure that goods and substances are used and handled safely
Report notifiable incidents to WHS regulators
Investigate incidents and take action to prevent having something similar happen again; and
Provide workers’ compensation insurance.

Your workers must:

Comply with instructions given to ensure their health and safety at work
Use personal protective equipment if provided by the employer, and if properly trained to use it
Not wilfully or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided for work health and safety at the workplace; and
Not wilfully injure themselves or place others at risk.


Why Do You Need a WHS Management System Provider?

As an employer and hopefully in a growing business, it is a challenge just delivering your products and services to your clients and dealing with all stakeholders. Establishing an effective and user-friendly WHS Management System is a best practice way for you to meet your duties and responsibilities under WHS legislation.

A documented system alone is not as effective as a systems-based approach. The systems-based approach is the most effective way to protect people from harm and to meet your health and safety goals and objectives. A WHS Management System:

■ Evolves through a continuous improvement process
■ Requires feedback to ensure engagement in safety related outcomes are maximised
■ Uses existing health and safety processes to form the foundations of a truly robust management system for your business
■ Can be integrated with other management systems such as Quality, or Environmental Management Systems
■ Allows you to make informed decisions based on risk and not on emotions
fosters a healthy corporate culture; and
■ Demonstrates due diligence.

MiSAFE’s WHS System

MiSAFE is a truly unique business risk consulting firm! At MiSAFE we can almost be classified as a “one stop shop” for all your work health and safety needs and more. Our consultants can:

Develop or review your WHS Management Systems
Help you to strengthen your own internal processes
Guide you through issues or concerns that you may have in relation to WHS compliance in your own company; and we can even
Help you complete RFQ or tender submission documents so that you can win more work.

At MiSAFE, referral and repeat business for us is important, so we treat you as if you were our one and only client. We aim to be your business risk partner for life. Affordable fees, professional yet personal approach in everything we do!

An Easier Way to Manage WHS in your Organisation


It is our aim to be a truly “one stop shop” for all your business risk needs, without the hassle of going through a large risk management firm with long wait times, exorbitant fees, and less than personal approach. Just ask us! 9 times out of 10, our answer will be “Yes”. We coach and mentor you all the way, ensuring that you feel comfortable knowing that MiSAFE’s consultants have your business’ best interests at heart.

Think of us as the lawyer that you can always depend on without the massive price tag.


MiSAFE offers customised WHS software as well as professional risk management consulting services. Generally, most of our clients choose our All-In-One QHSE offer. This helps our clients to have a highly qualified, certified risk management specialist without needing a full-time expert. It also includes the fully customisable software solution developed by CodeSafe and designed and configured by MiSAFE’s consultants. The software allows you to deliver and record all your organisational risk management information in the way that suits how you do business.

No need to sign up to another WHS software program that is written by developers who don’t really understand WHS or how you do business and is based on what someone else thinks you need. When you sign up with MiSAFE’s All-In-One QHSE offer, you know you will be getting a system that is written by WHS management systems professionals that just happen to be great at writing systems and configuring workflows in an online WHS software platform.


Can I have a free trial off the software?

MiSAFE can provide basic access to their demonstration portal in the QIN CodeSafe App. Download the CodeSafe App onto your smartphone or tablet from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and sign up if you are not already a user in the App. From there, scan the code below to access the demo portal to understand how the system will feel for your workers.

Do you offer training to use the software?
Yes. We want our clients to experience the very same positive outcomes that we do when using the CodeSafe system. Our training and mentoring can be delivered online one on one or in a team. Ad hoc or scheduled. All training can be recorded for confirmation of comprehension as well.
Can the software deliver inductions and toolbox training with video content and questionnaires?
Yes. The software is fully configurable to include MP4 and YouTube videos and various field types with right and wrong answers. The system even calculates a percentage score at the end of each course.
Does the software have dashboard graphs so I can see some KPI data?
Yes. You can create an unlimited number of dashboards with various graph types. All you need is data to come into the system. E.g. if you have a portal, you can see who has interacted and how many people have visited that portal. If you have a form, you can create a graph based on pretty much any field in that form. It’s that easy.
What if I sign up and don’t like the system? Am I still locked in for the full 12months minimum signup period?
MiSAFE offers a 30day cooling off period. If you don’t like what you’re experiencing, let us know quickly so we can help. If you’re still not satisfied with the system, then we will cease the contract at that point.
Can I get a refund if I am not happy before the cooling off period ends?

MiSAFE does not offer refunds for the time absorbed in using the software or consulting services during the cooling off period. Once signed up, MiSAFE requires the once off channel setup fee and first month’s subscription up front to get the ball rolling. This process requires us to put a fair amount of time and effort in getting your system up and running quickly. We hope that all of our clients understand and respect this approach, but let us know if you believe this may be a stumbling block in signing up with MiSAFE’s All-In-One QHSE offer


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