CodeSafe OHS Software

Introducing CodeSafe

MiSAFE offers CodeSafe as a simple way for any business to deliver and capture valuable information. Capable to work offline and online, with unlimited users across all subscription levels.

Record inspections, tasks, incidents etc. Employees and contractors can even attend role specific training in the field via their smart-device rather than spending countless hours in a training room.


Worker Endorsed Risk Compliance Software

Simplify the way workers conduct checks in the field. The system allows users to create QR Codes that link to any page, form, resource, or URL. Workers scan the code using the QIN CodeSafe App, which then allows them to complete the required task, or read specific guidance material set by the administrator. Create fully configurable checklists or forms, and add rules that only show information based on answers that the worker provides. This reduces long wordy checklists and enhances worker engagement with the system. MiSAFE configures QIN CodeSafe for any client including workflows, portal, page, form, and button design that makes reading content within the QIN CodeSafe App a breeze.

Smart Induction Software

QIN CodeSafe offers a smarter way to capture worker verification of competency information. Once a worker or contractor completes their induction within the QIN CodeSafe App, their compliance information such as licenses, qualifications, certifications, and competencies are automatically recorded not only in the worker’s profile page within the QIN CodeSafe App, but you as the administrator will be provided with all the information required to verify their competency to perform work for your organisation. 

Easy to Use

Setup your risk compliance software in minutes with your own customised content.

Offline Capable

Users don’t need to be connected to the internet to use CodeSafe’s risk compliance software.

Smart Device Enabled

CodeSafe risk compliance software works on any smart device.

Improve Worker Engagement

Monitor worker compliance and improve engagement with your risk management systems.

Download the CodeSafe App for Free


Download the CodeSafe App for free today and have a play around to see what it can do. Give us a call on 07 5641 2101 or send us an email contact@misafesolutions.com.au if you wish to know more about how to use CodeSafe App.

Hazard & Incident Reporting

Report hazards and incidents anywhere in the field. Online and offline. Geolocation tracking..

Equipment Inspections

Record plant and equipment inspections (pre-starts) using QR codes or drop-down menu selections. Simply scan the QR code, or choose the item from the drop down list, and complete/submit the form. Done!

Training & Inductions

Workers can attend their induction training before turning up on site. Reduce the time spent on inductions and training, by allowing the workers to attend at their own pace. Offline or online.

Journey Management & Remote Worker Information

Record journey management plans, and remote worker actions. Scheduled task management, and geolocation logging.

Conduct Audits & Inspections

Conduct customised Audits & Inspections offline or online.

Contractor Management

Allow contractors to upload licenses and certificates (i.e. VOC information) prior to turning up on site.

Visitor Management

Record site visitors, deliver site inductions all in the one application.


Upload valuable documents such as policies and procedures, allowing all users to access the company’s core Management Systems Documents.

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What CodeSafe Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let CodeSafe customers do the talking!

“The biggest change since introducing CodeSafe is going to bed and having a peaceful night knowing that Pre-Starts and Site Inspections are getting done when they (our installers) say its getting done”
Tony Collins

Fixing Manager, Bristile Roofing

“I believe the CodeSafe system has very significant potential to change the way that health and safety information is delivered and received and, ultimately, to improve work health and safety in many industrial environments”
Helen Lingard

RMIT Centre for Construction Research

“CodeSafe helped us break down the ‘us and them’ (being field and office) in our business”
Rae Grech

National Safety Manager, ee-Fit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the software be used remotely where there is limited internet access?
Yes, CodeSafe is fully functional in remote locations. Simply use the app as usual and it will synchronize with your system when the user gains internet access again.
Does the software come with content?
The software is feature rich, but requires the user to upload their specific content and configure the system that suits their business best.  If you don’t have content or don’t know where to start, simply contact us on 07 5641 2101 or contact@misafesolutions.com.au and we can provide a quote to develop the content for your business.
How many users does each subscription allow?
The beauty of CodeSafe is that you can have an unlimited amount of users at no extra cost. The sky’s the limit.

Reduce risk for your business and its workers today!