Facility Management Software

MiSAFE can help you to upgrade your facility management software to meet the exact needs of your company and external regulations. Our consultancy service will review your requirements and help you to get started with software to ensure you are fully compliant with ISO9001, ASNZS4801, ISO14001, ISO45001 and OHSAS18001 as required.

Unlike software comparison websites, we do the leg work in finding the perfect solution that fits your facility maintenance software needs so that you don’t have to. Working remotely we are able to keep costs down while identifying the perfect solution for you and customising it to your business requirements.

Improve business practices and productivity

The correct facility management system software can improve both your practices and your productivity within a company. By ensuring that you are compliant and identifying the forms that need to be completed, the software can improve your business practices and make your staff more productive too. With central housing of all forms and documents you can remove all double handling and repeated workloads from your company.

Improve communication

The other benefit of a centralised online facility management system is that it improves communication. As everything is centrally housed your employees will all be able to see what is going on and any pending work will be flagged so that it cannot be missed.

Review Compliance

Perhaps the most significant benefit of facility management software is the top down review of compliance that it will enable you to do. With visual reporting and automatic report building you will be able to review compliance more easily and effectively than ever before.

The Perfect Solution

With MiSAFE one of the main benefits is that you can get all of your systems under control and brought into a single perfect solution. With experience in setting up facility management software and compliance software, MiSAFE can give you the solution that you need every time.

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