A recent news article reported that an operating plant manager has been fined, in an appeals court, for failing to develop a compliant safety management plan (SMP), despite the court accepting his claim that his employer excluded him from the process. This is a serious reminder that one of the main purposes of Australian Work Health & Safety Legislation is to ensure the safety and health of workers. To achieve its detailed obligations on specific roles within a company cannot be delegated or ignored.

Another news article today highlighted that a company and its director have been convicted and fined $360,000, after a labourer was fatally struck by an excavator with missing mirrors in November 2015. The labourer was in the site’s sorting yard when his foot became caught in the reversing excavator’s tracks, causing him to fall forward, and his legs and pelvis to be rotated by the moving tracks. The company was found not to have a Traffic Management Plan or Safe System of Work in place.

Below is a set of key elements implementing and reviewing a QHSE Management System.

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