Take 5 Safety Hazard Assessment ToolAssessing and documenting hazards seems like a mundane and time consuming task for any small to medium business, but if you allow your workers to do the assessing for you, there are countless benefits. Allow your workers to use a Take 5 Hazard Assessment prior to starting their jobs for the day. This will prepare your workers to look for hazards on a regular basis, and it will strengthen your case in addressing site risks in the event of an incident or injury.

A Take 5 Safety Checklist aims to prompt workers about the potential hazards in the workplace and gives them the opportunity to initiate the best preventive measures before starting any task. While a formal risk assessment procedure is still important and necessary, it helps to take time and review a particular job. Your workers can do this within five minutes before they start working.


Take a small amount of time to start the job right and you’ll finish the job safely and successfully. Employees should always take time to observe their work area before performing any job even if they have performed the job a million times before. This will help them focus on what they have to do and spot potential hazards that may hinder them from completing the work safely and efficiently.


Workers should always think about the processes and hazards involved in carrying out a particular task. This will remind them about the important steps and effective ways to finish the job safely. It will allow them to identify the right tools and techniques to use and prepare them beforehand. It also helps them to think before they leap into the job.


Occupational safety risks include those that are already present in the workplace and those that may arise during operations. Use risk assessment tools that allow workers to put a value score to the risk. This ensures that the risks associated with the job are qualified and quantified rather than emotionally charged.


As a safety measure, employees should not start working without approval from Top Management if there are potential hazards in the work area. They must report to their supervisor or team leader, who will then review the risks and take necessary action.


Click on this link for a free Take 5 Safety Checklist.

After you have successfully implemented the preventive measures, it’s time to commence the task. Workers should always perform their jobs with caution to avoid accidents. After completing the task, they must assess the quality of their work and leave the work area in order.

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