I’m dreaming of a quiet Christmas
Just keep those decibels down low.
PPE for safety, don’t be too hasty
You just don’t know who’s on the roads.

I’m dreaming of a peaceful Christmas
Steer clear of hazards if you can.
Drunken Uncle, merry and bright!
Keep well clear from him and you’ll be right.

I’m dreaming of a safe Christmas
Just like that first one long ago.
Speaking of the dangers: new babe in manger?!?
And where did Mary’s midwife go?

I’m dreaming of a safe Christmas
Donkey and camel poo below.
But the hope and joy that babe brought,
Is a safety that just can’t be bought.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
From all at MiSAFE Solutions

Image credits:

Eric Nopanen, Jakob Owens, Nabeel Syed, Chris-Sowder, Caleb Stokes – Unsplash