My name is Micah Wicham, OH&S Professional and Director of MiSAFE Solutions (Pronounced “My – SAFE”).  I am passionate about OH&S and Risk Management Systems.  As an astute businessman, I am inspired by organisations that share this passion and have a desire to see robust management systems implemented in their workplace.  I am a degree qualified OH&S professional who will always continue to learn and inspire others in business.  I am a certified member of the Safety Institute of Australia and am a certified Lead Auditor in Quality and OH&S Management Systems. (Exemplar #129889) Along with my Graduate Diploma in OH&S, I also hold Associate Degrees in Civil Construction, Business, Management and Counselling.

If you asked me when I started my career in safety if I would be running my own business one day, I would have said not until I’m about 50 years old.  But, now after 9 years in OH&S and over 15 years in business development and corporate management, I decided I was ready to take on the challenge of running my own business.

I first came up with the idea of MiSAFE Solutions when I was working out in the mines in Emerald Queensland.  There were multiple OH&S consultants in the industry who had minimal qualifications and provided low level advice on compliance matters.  This did not inspire me to want to be a consultant at all.  I believed that I was destined for more than that.  I also noticed that the mine operators were using clunky QHSE and Risk Management software programs that constantly presented issues for all of its users and constantly failed to deliver results for the company that purchased it.  Corrective actions were not part of an effective closed loop system and the program was difficult to navigate.  After spending time on other mining and construction sites with different software programs, I discovered that this was not an isolated issue.  This issue usually began when the company sought to purchase a software program to manage their Quality and OH&S data.  The company would search for three quotes directly from the software suppliers and would make a decision based on how many boxes they could tick that would support their company’s needs.  The problem with this approach is that it is not a complete needs based solution and the sale will be corrupted by how good the sales person is at their job.  The sales person only has one thing in mind “How can I sell my product for as much commission as possible?”.

The thing that sets MiSAFE Solutions apart from others in the market is that we are incredibly client focused.  I want all of my customers to believe that they own the documents that I help them develop and implement.  I will not provide template documents that don’t relate to any part of my client’s business operations.  It only hurts their business and mine.  I also want them to feel like they own their business software without having to do the hard yards in developing it and managing it.  Rarely do I see a company with their own software that has their branding, their design/feel, and their business flow.  It is usually setup by another company and the customer has to work with that software program as it is.  This is where Integrum Management Systems comes in.  MiSAFE in partnership with Integrum does not offer modular based software solutions.  Our software integrates with any company business software.  The software is so configurable that you start to believe that the software was developed by you and not another company.

MiSAFE also provides professional OH&S consulting services.  The services include procedural development and implementation, auditing, risk management, incident investigation, injury management, training and assessment, and OH&S leadership and mentoring programs.

I do encourage constructive comments on the MiSAFE blog.  Should you wish to contact me directly, please do so on micah@misafesolutions.com.au or my mobile phone +61 400 977 769.

I look forward to an encouraging year ahead and some great discussions through this blog and other like minded organisations.